We are a mutual / self help group of doctors and dentists from all levels of our professions who are recovering from, or wish to recover from, addiction to alcohol, drugs or other behavioural addictions.


The BDDG London Group will next meet on

Sat., 29 June 2024, 5.30 to 7.30pm: Face -2-Face

followed by

Sat., 27 July. 2024, 5.50 to 7.30pm: Face-2-Face.

Please try to join the online meetings early for pre-meeting chit-chat and to allow meeting to commence on time.

Online Meeting IDs & Passcodes are in the ‘Members Only Section

Details of future meetings will be posted here as information becomes available.

Our meetings, physical and online video, are not abstract scientific discussions about alcoholism/drug addiction but focus on sharing our journeys, our difficulties, both personally and professionally, and what has helped us in our recovery.


Information about BDDG London, and BDDG London Meetings, is available from the Mark W., Locum Secretary, on 07850 125119‬ / natsecretary@bddg.org .


Information about BDDG, and BDDG meetings, is available on the BDDG website (www.bddg.org) or from Mark W., National Secretary at 07850125119 / natsecretary@bddg.org


Information about the BDDG Family Member Group is available on the BDDG Family Member Group section of this website.

For information about the BDDG Family Member Group nationally,  email familiesgroupnational@bddg.org


Feedback to links that fail to work, the value of the Organisation & Resource list or suggestions for additions, deletions or amendments will be welcomed by email to the Webmaster at  info@bddg-london.org


Comments or Questions are welcome.


    BDDG Mission Statement

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