We are a group of doctors and dentists, from all levels within our professions, who are recovering from, or wish to recover from, addiction / dependency on alcohol and / or other drugs.

The group, the British Doctors and Dentists Group (BDDG), is a mutual and self-help group of medical and dental professionals addicted to alcohol and / or drugs who are living, or wish to live, their lives in a recovery programme free of alcohol and drugs.

There are 18 active BDDG groups, 17 groups in the UK and 1 group in Eire, who generally meet once a month to share experiences, strengths and hopes in order to understand their common problems and to help, and encourage, other members / colleagues into recovery from their alcoholism and / or drug addiction.

The group in London, BDDG – London, meets in a central London hotel on the last Saturday of the month, except in December when the meeting is held earlier in the month: there is also an additional meeting in early January.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, 29 April 2017 at 6.00pm: coffee at 5.30pm.

The meeting in May will be on Saturday, 27 May at 6.00pm: coffee at 5.30pm.

At each meeting there is a free flowing discussion on personal problems in recovery, some of which may have special relevance to our particular professions e.g. shame, problems with personal and professional relationships, involvement with the General Medical and General Dental Councils, etc.: sometimes a topic may be selected for discussion e.g. the effects of addiction within the family.

Our meetings are not abstract scientific discussions about alcoholism/drug addiction but focus on sharing our journeys, our difficulties, both personally and professionally, and what has helped us in our recovery.

Information about BDDG in London is available from the Secretary, Mark W., on 07850 125 119 or mark@gasm.demon.co.uk, or from the Webmaster, Harry B. at info@bddg-london.org


Information about BDDG, and BDDG meetings, is available on the BDDG website (www.bddg.org) or from Catherine D., National Chairman, at 07825 107 970 / bddg@btinternet.com or Andrew M., National Secretary at 07904 570729 / aonghuis@outlook.com


Feedback to links that fail to work, the value of the Organisation & Resource list or suggestions for additions, deletions or amendments will be welcomed by email to info@bddg-london.org


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BDDG Mission Statement

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