What an amazing meeting we had on Saturday, 26 January! Such a large meeting ….. it was good to see so many colleagues who are in early recovery …… keep coming back! Some really powerful shares about focussing on recovery from some ‘old timers’ and some powerful shares about the difficulties of early recovery from some newer members. Alcoholism / addiction is a family illness in which we contaminate our spouses, partners, children, friends and colleagues ….. they also need a recovery programme for themselves so that they can ‘detach with love’ from our addiction, and our contamination, to lead their own lives. That is why there is a Families Group associated with the British Doctors & Dentists Group in London …. encourage spouses, partners children or other family members to come to the Families Group meetings. In doing so, they will embark on a recovery programme from which they will benefit … and the spin off is that our recoveries will also benefit!